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We are industry specialists.

Alta Planning + Design is an active transportation company dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and education/encouragement programs. Alta was founded in 1996 when cities and communities were calling for safer streets for people walking and bicycling as the non-motorized transportation movement developed into a profession in the United States. We pioneered the field of active transportation, evolving our planning and design work into a visionary global practice that empowers people to live active, healthy lives and gets them to where they need to go.

Our core values and work bring about positive change by creating places that are geared toward moving people rather than cars, connecting community members to daily needs and human experience, and empowering every person to live an active healthy life. As a global leader in mobility innovation for over 24 years with 175 people on staff, we are dedicated to connecting people to places by working across disciplines and scale to address social justice, safety, and environmental resilience.

We are shaping the field.
You and your community deserve to be healthy. Perhaps you're taking your first steps towards a new trail, cycle track, or Safe Routes to School program. Or maybe you want to improve safety on a challenging roadway corridor, design the next great waterfront, improve your community’s walkability, or invest in wayfinding signage or an encouragement program. Alta staff are here for you, representing the best and brightest in our industry. We shape the field with our cutting-edge research, education, and thought leadership.

We are your partner for change.
Since 1996, Alta has been working hand-in-hand with you, creating active communities. We create workable solutions, and our work reflects your community’s unique character. We are a conduit for change, improving safety, enabling mobility, and fostering livability. No matter where you are in your journey towards healthy, active lifestyles, we are your partner.

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Alta Planning + Design, Inc.
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