Company Overview

WBB’s Human Capital Planning solutions help federal and private sector organizations navigate the challenge of a dwindling workforce and rapidly changing work environment.

WBB recognizes that workforce management is undergoing a profound transformation. Changes in workforce and work environment diversity, the demand for accountability from public sector organizations, the struggle to control costs, and a rapidly evolving technological environment are major challenges that must be addressed by today’s employers and federal entities.

The federal workforce is especially vulnerable, as baby boomers enter retirement and the pool of next-generation leaders is limited. Without the skilled workers needed to meet employer demand, competition will intensify between the public and private sectors. To keep pace with stakeholder vision and mission-critical requirements, decision-makers at your organization require the data and analytics to inform and transform organizational strategy. Fortunately, WBB offers a complete range of human capital planning solutions to help our clients identify workforce gaps and cement their strategy for the future by attracting, developing, and retaining talented employees. By bringing in our team, we can help strengthen yours.

Our human capital planning solutions include:

  • Front-end analysis of manpower requirements and alignment with the mission of the organization.
  • Workforce alignment with the Operation’s Mission and Strategic Plan.
  • Workforce Planning towards emerging roles and missions.
  • Performance Management, Measurement, and Evaluation.
  • Manpower Concept of Operations (CONOPS).
  • Staffing Strategies.
  • Manpower Estimate Reports (MER) and Training System Plans.
  • Organizational and Individual Assessment.
  • Human Capital Knowledge Management.
  • Management Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Organizational Transformation and Business Process Reengineering.
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